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Why You Should Buy From a Licensed Japanese Used Car Dealer

Buying a used car without making any checks is like playing Lottery. Most people choose to sell cars because the repairs they need become too expensive. Buying a used car is often a great-value decision; when you buy in a private sale, you’re taking on a substantial amount of risk. However, when you buy used cars from Japan, you get the best of both worlds! Today we check out why those of us who don’t like the taste of lemons should buy from city car dealers that have a Japanese licensed used car dealer number.

Pricing Advantage

The main difference between private sellers and licensed traders is an enormous jump down in price with private sellers; you should remember that the sticker on the front of a car is only a jumping-off point for negotiations. Most used car sales associates will let you know through your initial conversation that they can knock off a certain amount from the sticker price for you.

Mechanical Protections

Most licensed Japanese used vehicle dealers have an on location technician or a repairman that permits the vehicles they offer to be efficiently adjusted and fixed. Obviously, every trade-in vehicle has its peculiarities – yet when you purchase from an authorized seller, any significant attributes will have been fixed before the deal. A lot less expensive than masterminding it yourself, as a rule!

Licensed Japanese Used Car Dealers Legal Protections

The main advantages to customers in buying from licensed dealers rather than private sellers are the legal protections. EveryCarJapan dealers have primary obligations to fulfill:

Statutory warranty

Additionally, if you’re buying a less than ten years old car, has traveled fewer than 160,000km and costs more than $3000, the EveryCarJapan dealer must provide a three month/5,000km warranty.

Japanese used car dealers must guarantee that the person they obtained the car from was the legal owner. And therefore, the trader is now the legal owner. It also ensures that there is no money owing on the vehicle. In buying from a private seller, you need to search the Vehicles Security Register yourself.

Cooling-off period

If you take the car home, and the next morning find that it is making horrible noises and won’t start, you don’t have to fork out immediately for repair bills – EveryCarJapan dealers give you a cooling-off period after a sale in which you can return the vehicle and get a full refund.

If you’ve done your research on market values for that particular make and model, you’ll be able to give them your target figure. Do remember, though, that all the legal and practical advantages of buying through a licensed Japanese used car dealer don’t come for free! Add in a certain amount for the checks they make and work that they do to the car, and you have a bargain city car in the making.