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Australian Army Unimog

There’s A Fleet Of Ex-Australian Army Unimogs For Sale (Individually)

This fleet of 20 ex-Australian Army Unimogs is at present for sale on-line, they’re each getting stated independently and at the time of creating the bidding on the most affordable is at $1,200 when the most pricey is up to $39,000.

The Australian Army very first commenced utilizing Unimogs in 1986 as a halfway point between the Land Rover Defender centered Perentie and the greater 6×6 Mack vans. As these Unimogs tactic the finish of their service daily life they are publicly auctioned off to the maximum bidder, usually for among $20,000 – $50,000.

Rapidly Information – The Australian Army Unimog

  • Considering that 1986 well in excess of 1,000 Mercedes-Benz Unimogs have been place into service by the Australian Armed forces. Each was individually modified at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Mulgrave, Victoria right before becoming shipped out for service.
  • Australian soldiers have taken their Unimogs with them on both of those army and peacekeeping missions as far afield as Afghanistan and Iraq, and right next doorway to Papua New Guinea.
  • A broad wide variety of Unimogs have been made use of by the Australian Protection Drive (ADF) but the most frequent is the Unimog U1700L with a tray again and a canvas major around the load area.
  • The 20 Unimogs currently remaining supplied for sale incorporate many U1700L illustrations as properly as an intriguing 6-wheel travel Unimog UL2450L.

The Unimog – A Glorified Potato Tractor

The Unimog was developed in Germany in the years quickly following WWII. Its improvement followed a equivalent route to that of the very first Land Rovers in that both had been designed as utilitarian 4×4 motor vehicles that could be pushed on the road but however fulfill all the tasks normally performed by a tractor.

Unimog Potato Farm

Image DescriptionThis graphic from the 1950s displays a Unimog becoming utilized for harvesting on a potato farm. The motor vehicle was created with a keep track of width to healthy neatly more than two rows of potatoes. Image courtesy of Daimler-Benz.

The to start with Unimog had a monitor width accurately equivalent to that of two rows of potatoes, so it could be applied as a plow tractor. It was also fitted with a ability takeoff, just like a tractor, for powering mechanical machines about the farm like potatoes harvesters (pictured above).

Of study course, stylistically the Unimog looks vastly different to the Land Rover, and to the Willys Jeep from WWII that experienced a major hand in inspiring the two automobiles.

Given that its initial introduction in 1948 the Unimog has remained in frequent production, Daimler-Benz took more than in 1951 and has routinely up to date the auto around time to continually improve it.

The Australian Military Unimogs Proven Listed here

The Unimogs revealed in this article have all been retired from provider with the Australian Defense Drive, they’re now currently being available for sale with the Australian auction house Pickles.

Australian Army Unimog 1

Image DescriptionThe situation of every single Unimog can range very considerably, superior examples are inclined to fetch much more of system and they’re now turning out to be a common concentrate on for conversion into overland campers.

A number of periods a 12 months the vehicles getting retired from military services assistance are supplied for sale in this way, nearly all are purchased by lovers who intend to use the Unimogs, Land Rover Perenties, and 6×6 Mack vans for off-road adventures – or even off-road restoration work.

As a result of this there’s a escalating selection of private Unimog entrepreneurs in Australia. Some have been converted into overland campers whilst many others are stored close to their original armed service specification and utilised for four-wheeling on weekends.

Each and every of the 20 Unimogs listed here is a minimal distinctive to the very last, so right before biddings it is important to very carefully browse the listing. The automobiles are situated in Thurgoona, NSW, Australia and representatives from Pickles can be contacted on the web with extra questions.

If you’d like to read through additional about these Unimogs or sign up to bid you can pay a visit to the listing for all of them right here.

Australian Army Unimog 6
Australian Army Unimog 5
Australian Army Unimog 4
Australian Army Unimog 3
Australian Army Unimog 2
Australian Army Unimog 7

Images courtesy of Pickles.

Australian Army Unimog