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The Jeep Cherokee Will Debut Next Generation Despite Low Sales

A 2019 Jeep Cherokee looks out over the twilight, pondering if it’s worth coming back. It is, little Jeep.

A 2019 Jeep Cherokee appears out above the twilight, pondering if it is worthy of coming back again. It is, small Jeep.
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The Jeep Cherokee is because of for a redesign before long. It’s now been eight yrs considering that the present-day technology was unveiled in 2014, but a continuous decline in Cherokee sales would show that prospective buyers in the U.S. have moved on. And just what potential buyers moved onto is the pressing issue for Jeep, which insists that a new era of the Cherokee will be produced sometime in the in the vicinity of upcoming.

That redesign could possibly even debut a plug-in hybrid Cherokee, comparable to the 4Xe models of the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. We just can’t rule out a Cherokee 4Xe just yet. Specifically when Jeep is adamant the Cherokee is because of for a return.

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All through an interview with MotorTrend, Jeep executives reported the upcoming-era Cherokee will be “bigger and superior than at any time.” It is unclear if the Jeep execs were speaking figuratively, or if the Cherokee will basically arrive back again as a even larger model. Presumably, portion of the motive why Jeep has permit the Cherokee cling on is that the model’s in a single of the most preferred segments of the U.S. vehicle marketplace: compact SUVs. Which means its rivals include the Toyota Rav4, Honda HR-V and Ford Escape — all of which are common designs.

The Jeep Cherokee, nonetheless, hasn’t appreciated the popularity of those people latter SUVs. Sales of the Cherokee are presently at all over 3,500 models for every month, and the figures hold declining. Jeep Cherokee sales were down by in excess of a third in 2021, to just 90,000 product bought according to MotorTrend. The figures for 2022 seem bleak, at close to one-fourth what they were by this quarter last 12 months.

So, yet again, why doesn’t Jeep retire the nameplate? My dollars is on two factors, which are exemplified by the Toyota Rav4 Prime — an SUV so enticing it now warrants outrageous supplier markups. Smaller SUVs are popular, but the Jeep Cherokee has proven currently being just a compact SUV isn’t sufficient. And absolutely not ample now that crossovers are elbowing in on the section.

The key, then, has to be electrification. Jeep has previously gauged customer curiosity for EV SUVs with its Grand Cherokee and Wrangler 4Xe products. Motorists reacted positively to partial-electrification. Although entire electrification is not in the cards for the sixth-technology Jeep Cherokee, a plug-in hybrid could be a waypoint for a fully-electrical Cherokee. It is may well not be right here any time quickly. But, relaxation assured, a new and — either partly or completely — electric Jeep Cherokee is probably coming down the line.

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