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Regular Car Servicing will save you Money

Your vehicle likely cost you a fair chunk of money to buy. While cars are built to last for decades, they can’t do so without regular maintenance. Just think about what goes on under the hood of your vehicle: there are engine parts moving at hundreds of times per second coated with a very thin film of oil, with temperatures reaching into hundreds of degrees of Fahrenheit. Another way of looking at it is that regular maintenance might be an inconvenient cost to you and your savings, but it pales in insignificance when compared to the costs of replacing a blown engine…

By reading up about car servicing on platforms such as and reading reviews from other customers of reliable car service providers that have actually used that company before, you will know what to expect from that company and know about their policies, quality of work, and processes so you can make better informed decisions.

The top five reasons you should service your vehicle regularly:
1) Reliability:
To ensure that your vehicle will last more than just a few years, or months in fact, regular oil changes for your vehicle’s engine will prolong its life. Those engine parts work far harder than you know, and they require timeous and regular maintenance to perform at their best. If you don’t change your vehicle’s engine oil when prescribed in the owner’s manual (or when it displays a service is due on your car’s instrument panel), it will undoubtedly lead to engine malfunction and even engine failure.

2) Efficiency:
If you drive just a few hundred miles a month or a few thousand per month, you’ll know that driving efficiently helps you to fill up your vehicle’s gas tank less regularly. If your car’s not running at its best, it won’t perform at its best. Your gas mileage will increase and you’ll be pumping more gas more often for the same amount of driving. If you extrapolate that to a year’s amount of driving, you’ll be disappointed in yourself for unnecessarily spending money on fuel when you could very well have pocketed that money – and not potentially damaged your vehicle’s engine.

3) Resale:
We all love newer and shinier cars. Parking a newer and shinier model on your driveway can be a little cheaper on your pocket. How so? By keeping a detailed maintenance record of your current car, you’ll be increasing its resale value. That’s not difficult to do, either. Getting dealer stamps in your car’s owner’s manual or service booklet for the regular maintenance you carry out on your vehicle will save you money on your next car.

4) Safety:
Vehicle parts are regarded as ‘wear and tear’ are your windscreen wipers, battery, tires, and brakes. Those are safety critical items. If your tires are bald and have no tread left on them, you will end up in an accident and your insurance company won’t pay you out. When your vehicle’s brakes start squeaking and screaming, you know you should replace them. Underperforming brakes are one of the largest contributors to auto accidents in the United States.

5) Performance:
Gaining more performance from your car doesn’t necessarily mean having a turbo fitted to it. Simply changing the car’s engine oil and service parts, your car will run at its optimum best. It will be just as quick off the line as the day you got it, while also performing well with gas mileage too.