Raleigh family slapped with surprise $1,000 rental car bill for damage they say they didn’t cause

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) — Rental cars have skyrocketed in pricing since the pandemic, and it will cost you even more if there are any damages during that rental.

A Raleigh family rented a car during spring break and said they had no accidents, no issues during the rental. They turned in the rental and thought all was fine, until two months later when they got a bill for over $1,000.

The rental car company claimed the family damaged the car while they were in possession of it. The family got in touch with ABC11, and the rental car company then agreed not to pursue the claim.

But this is a good reminder, before you get in any rental car, grab your phone, and not only take pictures of any damage already on the vehicle but walk around and take a 30-second video pointing out any scratches or noticeable damage not only outside the car but inside.

When you return the car, take the same steps and try and have a rental car employee sign off on the return, don’t just leave it with the keys in it.

You are responsible for any damage to the vehicle during a rental, so make sure you treat it as your own. Besides video proof of the pickup and return, always pay with a credit card, especially one that offers coverage on rental cars.

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