Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter review – It just works! (most of the time)

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Critique – It could possibly not appear like considerably to plug your cell phone into the automobile to entry Android Car every time you get in for a vacation, but a several days with the Motorola MA1 Wi-fi Android Vehicle Vehicle Adapter will alter your head.

What is it?

If you’ve acquired or rented a new auto in the very last 7 or so many years, it is most likely that car or truck is outfitted with Android Auto, which is the capability to more-or-significantly less mimic your Android phone’s monitor on the display of the car or truck.  For all but the latest automobiles, this requires making use of a USB cable to connect your cellular phone.  The Motorola MA1 handles that relationship wirelessly – just get in the auto with your cellular phone, and it connects about the air.

What’s in the box?

  • Motorola MA1 Wi-fi adapter
  • Gel sticky pad
  • Rapid-get started guide

Components specs

  • System Compatibility: Android 11 and larger
  • Bluetooth 5.
  • 5Ghz WiFi
  • Excess weight: 31g

Design and capabilities

The design of the Motorola MA1 Wi-fi Android Vehicle Auto Adapter is incredibly very similar to a Google Chromecast. It’s a modest puck with a 5-inch non-detachable USB-A cable.  There is a tiny join/reset button and a LED.  That’s it!  As considerably as features, perfectly, there seriously are not any.  It does one particular thing – join your mobile phone to your vehicle, devoid of wires.  No applications to down load or settings to change. 

Installation and Setup

Preliminary installation and set up had been fast and uncomplicated.  You first have to connect your phone to your car or truck by means of the “old-fashioned” process, with a USB cable.  Then you simply unplug that cable, plug the MA1 into the car or truck, and hook up your telephone by means of Bluetooth. Your phone then establishes a direct-join WiFi url with the MA1 which is how the info is in the end sent.  This original procedure normally takes much less than 30 seconds, and at the time finished, your cellular phone just seems on the monitor of your vehicle, just like if you had plugged it in. 

General performance

Pretty much all of the time, the Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Vehicle Vehicle Adapter just works. I get in the motor vehicle, start it up, and before I make the change out of my driveway, my cellphone is related, Android Vehicle seems on display, Google Maps arrives up, and Youtube Tunes begins to engage in.  I have not noticed a functionality big difference in between the cable connection and the MA1.  The audio sounds excellent, and the monitor is distinct and quite responsive to touch inputs.  That claimed, there have been a number of weird glitches that I’ve been unable to explain.  There are two structures that I once in a while pass by, and when accomplishing so, the MA1 disconnects from my telephone.  Each and every time.  The same two buildings are miles aside from just about every other.  It reconnects considerably less than a minute later, so I can only guess that one thing in these buildings confuses the WiFi, leading to the MA1 to disconnect.  

What I like

I genuinely like the straightforward design, the rapid set up, and the point that it just operates, and is effective pretty properly most of the time. It’s small and connects quickly.

What I’d adjust

The wire is a bit limited.  In my motor vehicle, a 2019 Ram 1500, it is effective for the reason that there is a very little area to stash the MA1 out of the way under the USB port.  A gel sticky pad is integrated for a much more permeant set up, but that would make switching amongst cars and trucks or working with the MA1 in a rental a lot more complicated.  

The wi-fi connection really zaps your phone’s battery.  This is not anything that can be altered, as it’s a WiFi link, and those are electrical power-hungry. Most of my visits are brief, significantly less than 30 minutes or so. In all those scenarios, I never even observe. But on extended trips, you can operate the battery down rapidly, so I commonly just use a cable relationship, which retains the battery topped up.  But those brief visits in which you don’t want to be bothered to plug in are exactly where the MA1 actually excels. 

Closing Views

In general, I have been actually impressed with the Motorola MA1 Wi-fi Android Vehicle Car or truck Adapter.  It could possibly not sound like substantially to plug your cell phone into your vehicle each and every time you get in, but not acquiring to is incredibly good.  I imagined this would be a “luxury item” that I would feel guilty making use of, but I have come to take pleasure in the practically instantaneous-on capacity and near-flawless reproduction of the cabled knowledge of Android car.

Price tag:  $89.95
In which to acquire: Motorola Seem or Amazon
Supply: I ordered this product with my own funds.