Lamborghini Huracan Evo Has A Very Close Call Drifting Up A Mountain Road

Drifting a car up a restricted and twisty portion of mountain street is complicated and the operator of a Lamborghini Huracan Evo recently identified what can go incorrect if you make even the smallest error behind the wheel.

This certain pink Huracan Evo is owned by Giacomo Ghermandi who just so transpires to be a racing driver in the TCR Europe series. Regardless of his capabilities behind the wheel and huge levels of auto command, his drifting antics almost remaining his Lamborghini needing an high-priced new bumper and perhaps some other elements.

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The clip of the shut-phone shared to Instagram shows Ghermandi piloting the mid-engined Italian supercar up a magnificent mountain street, very first drifting about a correct-hand bend and then kicking out the Huracan’s rear to drift about a left-hand bend. Nevertheless, Ghermandi ended up a small far too close to the apex of the corner, coming within millimeters of hitting a tiny white put up on the within of the convert.

Though the write-up is smaller and most likely really fragile, it could have remaining the Huracan with some nasty injury, like a ruined entrance bumper and maybe a destroyed entrance quarter panel. While we have no doubt Ghermandi would have been capable to easily manage any needed repairs, we’re confident he’d favor not to have to make them in the very first place.


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