3 Ways to Spend Less While Commuting


People are beginning to return to the office and work in person at jobs that can’t be done remotely. However, the costs of gas are going through the roof, as is the price of nearly everything else. Here are three ways you can save some money while commuting back to your job.

Car Maintenance

Some employees have no practical way to get to work except for driving. In such cases, you don’t want to neglect your regular auto maintenance, or you could face more expensive repairs down the road.

Delaying the repairs shortens your vehicle’s lifetime. Look for a local, family-owned body shop like AutoOne Service that handles any type of vehicle. Such companies deliver expert, friendly service.

The best auto technicians service rare, exotic cars, so you can trust them with yours, even if you don’t drive an Italian sports car. Another reliable sign is that they handle all manner of Green electric vehicles.

Driving has perks other forms of transportation don’t. Unlike manual methods of getting around, your car probably has air conditioning, so you won’t arrive at your destination sweating. You can also listen to music or podcasts and transport people or heavy goods in your trunk.

Our cities were designed assuming everybody would own a car. If driving is essential for you, ensure that your vehicle is in safe driving condition. If you do, you’ll cut down your risks and expenses.


The cheapest ways to get around involve skipping fees related to things like gas, insurance, fuel, parking, and repair costs. It doesn’t matter how advanced a Green vehicle is: it will always consume more energy than walking.

Being a pedestrian means you get to burn calories instead of carbon. It’s healthier for you and will save you money, too. People also report being happier after a long walk. Getting slow time to see nature and your community on your gently-paced amble is a pleasant way to begin or end your day!

Enjoy some sunshine, stroll around and say hello to neighbours, or keep your headphones on and quietly take in the scenery.


Riding your bike to work has just about all the financial benefits of walking. You may be surprised to learn that cycling also approaches the speed you get driving.

Drivers downtown average speeds of about 30 km/h in their car, whereas cyclists can get up to around 20 km/h. Considering you don’t have to pay for anything except the bike, the difference in speed is narrower than one might imagine.

You also don’t need to worry about things like traffic jams. Just make sure you dress appropriately for the weather. If your workplace has a shower, consider cycling to work in one set of clothes, then showering and changing into office attire.

Some people can’t cycle to work because they live in cities with dangerous cycling infrastructure, and a highway sits between them and their work. If cycling is safe and convenient and something you’re physically comfortable doing, consider giving it a go.

As fuel and other costs continue to rise, don’t forget these tips to help save money on your commute.